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Our biometric health screening services are a key component of our comprehensive corporate wellness programs and are designed to help improve health awareness among employees and provide data for employers to gauge the health of their employees and track improvement over time.  Biometric health screenings help identify, but not diagnose, risk factors that could signal the presence of an existing disease or the potential for developing one.

Based on the results of employees’ health screenings, American Biometric Health provides targeted intervention strategies, relevant health education, and coaching, and other appropriate preventive measures to help manage and reduce these health risks and encourage employees to adopt healthy lifestyle changes and take a more proactive role in their health.  Aggregate health information about their employee population allows organizations to structure their employee health management program and design wellness initiatives in an effort to reduce overall health costs and improve the health and productivity of their workforce.


Work with us to provide your employees with flexible options, top-rated service, and easy access to health screenings that measure vital information about their health. 

Experienced Industry Leader in Health Screenings

ABH has provided corporate biometric health screening services to more than 500 organizations, servicing 10% of the US Fortune 500 companies. Last year alone, ABH assisted in administrating over one million biometric health screenings nationwide.

ABH is committed to advancing the development of best practices by ensuring:

  • Measures are clinically valid and evidence-based, relating to factors shown to be associated with chronic illness
  • Measures are consistent and will enable comparative analysis and benchmarking
  • Data collection occurs at consistent intervals to measure the impact of programmatic activities
  • Data are standardized, allowing for the analysis of whole populations as well as subgroups
  • Data is actionable, leading to well-integrated wellness programs of lasting benefit for both the individual and the organization

Professional, Licensed Biometric Health Screening Staff

Unlike others in the industry, ABH does not subcontract its services or use staffing companies. ABH maintains a proprietary network of licensed health care professionals, who are screened and regularly trained and evaluated to ensure compliance with our quality standards.

Nurse Practitioners


Certified Phlebotomy Technicians (CPT)

Registered Dieticians

Certified Medical Assistants (CMA)


Health Educators

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA) 



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Our onsite screening event could not have gone any better. The staff was wonderful and the event flowed smoothly and no one had to wait. The ABH team leader was very thorough in her communications and expectations of her staff.

Our company loves American Biometric Health. The wellness portal has so many resources and I love how automated everything is.

On behalf of the entire team, thank you for another successful implementation. It seems like we launched this program just the other day and here we are all wrapped up. I also want to express my satisfaction with the physician form process that you managed this year. The process was very smooth.